Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cross-Platform Native Code Generator

When creating an application for different platforms, you can create an HTML application that will fit every deployment or create a native application for each platform you want to traget.

Creating an HTML application sure means less work, since the code (HTML+JavaScript+CSS) is fairly supported across web browsers.

Of course, the User Interface (UI) will not match every system where the application will be deployed.

Developing the application nativelly will allow the UI to be fully integrated with the OS.

But a native application means a software project for each platform and this can be unmanageable.

There are several solutions to this problem that minimize the coding of logic that is common to all of those software projects (business logic).

One of them is AppDevPoint.

This tool centralizes the business logic so that it's coded only once in one place.

There must be native project for each platform since the UI is created natively this way being truly integrated with the OS.

This methodology completely separates the UI from code.

If the business logic has to be changed, simply code it in the AppDevPoint, regenerate the builds and all of your native projects will be updated in a single action.

The binaries produced by the native compiler runs directly on the OS as this framework doesn't requires VMs or additional run-times to be installed.

This tool is free and open-source.

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